Community Initiatives

We are donating a portion of all our proceeds to local charities. These are the charities we donated to in 2020.

This is Hospice. This is what they do:

Perhaps you or a loved one just received the news…the illness is incurable. While doctors and specialists cannot predict the future, you may have a good idea as to how long you have. People can respond in a variety of ways to this news. Some people will opt to try anything and everything to win another month, another day, and another hour. Many people will become tired of the constant testing, the side effects of new or untried drugs and procedures. A good number of patients as well as family members may be unable to understand of the severity of the diagnosis.

If you are reading this, chances are you are fully aware of what’s ahead. There is no doubt that from this point on…how you go about your life…will be the most important thing you have left to do. Hospice of Central New York and Hospice of the Finger Lakes stands ready to offer the patient and their family a team of professionals that are focused on making this very special time the best that it can be.

Our teams of doctors, nurses, social workers, grief counselors, chaplains and family caregiver’s mission is to deliver comprehensive comfort care to patients and families. For more than thirty years Hospice has served, treated and cared for thousands of patients and families. You may be curious about our services because a friend or another family member or a health care professional recommended Hospice of Central New York and Hospice of the Finger Lakes. We are grateful for the number of people who sing our praises. We are also very proud of the teams of dedicated individuals who have chosen to help those people with life limiting illnesses. Our help can be provided to you at home, at an assisted living facility or at a nursing home.

Hospice of Central New York and Hospice of the Finger Lakes serves Onondaga, Madison and Oswego and Cayuga counties. Need to know more? Call our admission specialists they can help with your questions about taking care of a seriously ill loved one. By the way, when you call (315) 634-1100 a real –live – person will connect you with the end-of-life expert you need to speak with…call (315) 634-1100 any time day or night.

This is Ophelia's Place. This is what they do:

[Our Vision is] To change culture and to empower individuals, families, and communities to embrace healing, diverse representations of beauty, and whole hearted, embodied living; to spread the message of body celebration, which applies to Every Body, regardless of shape, size, gender, color, age or ability.

[Our Values are that] We resolve to make a difference through the offering of compassion and acceptance. We believe in the importance of leading with vulnerability and open-mindedness to demonstrate integrity, transparency, and humanity. We maintain that this world has space for Every Body, and work to make our organization and messaging more inclusive every day. We aim to promote a sense of community and resiliency, all while encouraging empowerment and personal growth.

This is Friends of NSEEP. This is what they do:

Friends of the North Syracuse Early Education Program (aka Friends of NSEEP or FNSEEP) was started in 2006 to raise funds to support an amazing preschool known as the North Syracuse Early Education Program at Main Street School located in the heart of North Syracuse, NY. The Early Education Program is considered part of the North Syracuse Central School District, but your family need NOT reside in the district to enroll your child. The children (ages 3-4) who attend come from all over the Central New York area to receive a top-quality education from New York State certified special education teachers and therapists with years of experience to help each child succeed in the classroom, out in the world, and be kindergarten-ready.

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Community Initiatives