We have humans… sounds odd but it’s true.

Small businesses have found themselves often attempting to interface with behemoth payroll companies who not only nickel and dime them at every opportunity, but also possess zero customer service. You can talk to them until you are a customer then the automation kicks in and the algorithms rule.

When you call us, we answer the phone.

Good luck attempting that with one of the national providers after you have been sold payroll service.

If you want real people, you will love Payroll Made Simple. We do more, check out “The Difference and Services” page on this website which lists all we do for our clients. We use technology to help augment and enhance your experience with us – not insulate us from you.

We use it to make the experience for you friendly and simpler. Making the human connection the top priority.

Payroll. Made Simple.

Call us today and speak with a real person who knows payroll and will immediately address your concern

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