You can call us and talk to a real person who knows payroll and will immediately address your concern and help solve the issue. That’s different…right?


We are local, we are not some far away huge conglomerate of no personal algorithm answers. We genuinely and personally help small business owners and administrators.


We will never attempt to dazzle you with complex accounting terms and jargon. It is not our manner to attempt to show you how smart we are, sure we are, but you need a friend you can trust with payroll, and yes that is us.

We believe every employer should be afforded the time to focus on the core competencies of their business and not on accounting, tax and payroll issues.

Our people are our difference.  Unfortunately, that is a very overused phrase, but in our case, we mean it.  As mentioned we are local, we live in the community and we strive to provide you with “real” customer service.  Additionally, we have trained accountants and other tax professionals on staff as resources to help answer questions that may be outside a normal payroll processer’s understanding.


Over the years outsourcing payroll has proven to be a very cost-effective and most flexible solution available to provide payroll services.  A full-service payroll solution allows you to:

• Save valuable time spent on administrative functions

• Reduce employer costs

• Improve employee morale

• Maximize return on investment in payroll dollars

• Improve existing payroll practices

• Ensure compliance with regulation governing payroll administration

Our system enables us to offer the following services to our clients.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Most workers' compensation insurance policies tie up vital cash by requiring you to pay in advance an estimated premium based on your projected year-end payroll. With pay-as-you-go workers' compensation, premiums are based on your actual payroll. With no up-front deposits and no year-end audit surprises, you're in a much better position to manage your cash flow. Pay-as-you-go workers' compensation seamlessly integrates with our payroll system. Once you sign up we take the guesswork out of calculating workers' compensation costs and remitting your payment. You pay a premium only for actual payroll dollars.

Total Tax Service

Keeping up with the constantly changing federal, state and local tax regulations and avoiding tax penalties and interest on late or noncompliant payments can be challenging and burdensome for most businesses. We automatically file your payroll tax returns and deposit your tax obligations to the proper agencies, so that you can more effectively focus your efforts on what makes you special. No more worries of non-compliance or late penalties. When the government makes an error or loses information, we will address the problem for you as part of our regular service.

Timekeeping Systems

Automate the employee and job time tracking process from punch to paycheck. Timekeeping systems eliminate human error; ensuring that employees are only paid for the time that they worked. The ability to enforce employee schedules, control coverage and overtime, and run a variety of tracking reports allows companies to improve the unitization of labor resources. Employees also have access via password to a secure website with all their check stubs and W2's.

New Hire Reports

Pursuant to the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996, employers are required to report new hires within 20 calendar days. We will submit new hire reporting to the state on your behalf to ensure your company remains in compliance with this state law.

Paid Time Off Accrual  & Tracking

We can track and accumulate vacation, personal and sick time for your employees. At your discretion, this information may appear on each employee’s check stub.

Direct Deposit

With the threat of identity theft on the rise, direct deposit is the number one method of payment among employers. Employees enjoy the convenience and security of direct deposit, while employers enjoy the ease of bank reconciliation at month end.

Electronic Payroll Reports

With electronic reports, there is no need to accumulate unneeded paper. Reduce the significant costs of file space and furniture needed for a paper filing system by implementing an electronic filing system for all your payroll reports.

Deductions Tracking & Reporting

Deductions such as loan repayments, garnishments, health insurance, and/or 401K deductions can be set to automatically begin or end during a specified period of time. Reports are available by deduction or by groups of deductions.

Check Signing

If you do not elect our direct deposit services, checks can be signed with your approved electronic signature if these checks are written on your business account. You can stop worrying about not being available to sign your employee paychecks.

Payroll. Made Simple.

Call us today and speak with a real person who knows payroll and will immediately address your concern